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Basement inspection with raw sewage and extensive termite damage.

This home inspection in West Palm Beach was a 2 story, single family home built in 1946. It had a non accessible crawlspace and an actual basement, which is not typical in Florida. The access to the basement was locked. Once I got the door opened, I could smell raw sewage. The floor to the basement was covered with debris and sewage water. The main drain line was obstructed and as a result, whenever a toilet was flushed, or any sink or shower used, everything was draining directly into the open basement area. This condition has been ongoing for a length of time. There was also extensive structural damage caused by termites. This situation was a bio-hazard because of the contaminated drain water.

Homeowners need to periodically check all accessible areas of the property, because a situation like this could go on unnoticed and can result in structural failure and biological contamination.

Paul Lee, Caliber Home Inspections, LLC 2019

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