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Infrared  Thermal Imaging

We use state of the art infrared thermal imaging cameras in every inspection at no additional cost to the client. We perform a complete dedicated second pass through the entire property to ensure there are no leaks, elevated moisture, elevated heat or anomalies.


Thermal imaging cameras offer several benefits to a property inspection. Here are some key advantages of using thermal imaging cameras:

  • Detecting temperature variations: Thermal imaging cameras can detect and visualize temperature differences in the environment. This capability is useful in identifying heat leaks, energy inefficiencies, or hotspots in electrical systems, mechanical equipment, or building structures. By identifying these anomalies, preventive measures can be taken to improve safety, save energy, and prevent potential failures.

  • Non-contact measurement: Thermal imaging cameras operate without direct physical contact, allowing temperature measurements from a safe distance. This feature is particularly valuable in applications where contact-based measurements are challenging, risky, or not feasible. It also enables scanning larger areas quickly and efficiently.

  • Electrical inspections: Thermal imaging cameras are extensively employed in electrical maintenance and inspections. They can help identify overheating components in electrical panels, distribution boards, or connections, indicating potential faults, loose connections, or excessive current loads. Timely detection of these issues can prevent electrical failures, fires, or accidents.

  • Building inspections: Thermal imaging cameras are valuable tools for building inspections. They can identify insulation gaps, air leaks, or moisture intrusion in walls, roofs, or windows. This information aids in improving energy efficiency, identifying structural issues, and preventing water damage or mold growth.

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