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Moisture Detection Inspection

Water Intrusion can be detrimental to a home’s structure, the finished walls, floors and ceilings if not caught early on and corrected. Water leaks can come from water supply and drain lines. They can also come from roof leaks and water heater leaks and from the HVAC system. Often, water leaks occur in concealed areas such as behind walls where piping is usually installed. And by the time you see, or are affected by a water leak or water intrusion issue, chances are it has already done some level of damage.


When left unnoticed and uncorrected, it can also provide the conditions conducive to mold growth, which can cause adverse health issues especially with persons with sensitivities and allergies.


Finding the moisture and stopping the water source is the first course of action and the key to minimizing any further damage.


Caliber Home Inspections offers a moisture detection inspection service. This is a stand-alone service using modern infrared thermography technology and moisture meters to scan every wall, ceiling and floor of your home. This can help us to find areas which may have elevated moisture which is otherwise not visible and should not be moist.


An average sized home will typically take approximately 30 minutes to complete. Any areas of elevated moisture will then require further action to correct. 


Give us a call for more information or to schedule your moisture detection inspection.

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