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What To Expect On The Day Of Your Inspection

On the scheduled day of your inspection our inspector will meet you at the property address at the scheduled time.  He will bring along some tools, camera and a ladder. This would be a good opportunity to bring up any questions or concerns that you may have. He will use a camera to take numerous photos which are required for the reports. The ladder will allow access to the attic and roof areas.  Because this is a full inspection, every room, system and component of the house will be checked.


The whole inspection process will take about 2-3 hours. When the inspection is complete, you will have an opportunity to go over the inspection on a verbal basis and can have your questions or concerns answered.  Normally, within 24 hours of the completion of the inspection you will receive the report electronically via email. You will be able to download and print the report. 

If you require a wind mitigation report, all of the openings such as windows, doors and garage doors will need to be inspected along with the attic. Please have any documentation for the protective devices available if necessary. A wind mitigation inspection lasts about an hour. 

Please note that a pre-inspection agreement will need to be signed before or on the day of the inspection. You are advised to fully read this agreement so that you will understand the scope and limitations of the inspection.

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