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FPE Electrical Panels

Let's close out 2017 with a note about electrical panels. Specifically Federal Pacific Electric panels with Stab Lok breakers. This brand is one of about 4 that have a history of problems. These panels were manufactured and installed in millions of homes from the 1950's to the 1980's and was the subject of a class action lawsuit. For more information about the lawsuit visit:

These panels could fail by not properly tripping during a situation such as an over-current which can cause a fire hazard. These panels have been identified by some insurance companies as high risk and could be subject to higher premiums or un-insurability.

If you have a home approaching 25 years old or will require a new 4-Point inspection, you could run into issues if you have one of these panels in your home. We would recommend you contact a qualified electrical contractor for evaluation of your panel.

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