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Property flippers. They are not all the same

There are all kinds of property "flippers" that buyers need to be aware of. The one's that cut-corners to save money are the one's you want to stay away from. They often do shoddy work and use cheaper materials. The end results are poor workmanship with fit and finish issues to major no no's. I did an inspection today at such a place. Looked decent from far away but when you get close and start looking carefully you see the flaws and mistakes. Always a good idea to get an inspection. And use that contingency to ensure your due diligence so you don't get stuck with a money pit of a lemon. As an example, in my inspection today, the house was "flipped" and looked nice at first view and from a distance but as you get close and take a careful look at everything you see the flaws and mistakes. The kitchen looked nice but upon closer inspection I found that they simply spray painted the cabinets instead of refacing or replacing them. This was just one of many issues I found. Be wary and get an inspection done.

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