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Means of Egress

Means of egress is the way people will go in and out of a space such as a restaurant, store and your home. It is important because the means of egress will allow the occupants to be able to quickly leave that space in case of an emergency. A home is no different than a movie theater. It must have a means of egress and if that means of egress is blocked off for some reason, a second means of egress needs to be available. In your home, the means of egress are the front doors, back and side doors. The second means of egress would be a window or another door that is in the same room or space. This way an occupant has an alternative way of escaping. Your home should have direct and unobstructed paths to and from these egress points at all times. Check your home and ensure that all doors and windows can open freely without any special knowledge or use of a key or tool.

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