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About our Reports

Our detailed and comprehensive reports are generated using Homegauge® software based on the information gathered from the on-site inspection of the property. A full report will include the findings on all exterior and interior systems and components of the entire home.


Unique features about our inspections are that we report on fire and safety issues such as means of egress, fire extinguishers and smoke/CO detectors and every full inspection includes thermal imaging scanning and a permit/work history report (if available) on the property. We exceed the standards of practice by including items of cosmetic nature for a more complete inspection.


Reports will generally be available the same day of the inspection and will be emailed to the client's email address as provided. You will receive a detailed full report which includes a summary and pictures. If a wind mitigation or 4-Point inspections were ordered, they will be included as a separate file in the same email. This way you can conveniently forward it to your insurance company.


Please take a look at our sample reports below.

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