Welcome to Caliber, a local home inspection and mold inspection company in West Palm Beach Florida serving all of Palm Beach County, St Lucie County, Martin County, Hendry County and Broward County from Port St Lucie to North Miami to Lake Okeechobee
We inspect Single Family Homes, Condo's, Townhouses, Multi-Unit, Commercial


State Licensed and Certified  Home Inspector & Mold Assessor

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Do you have mold or think you may have mold?

If you are experiencing allergy like symptoms, or other adverse health issues, you may have mold in your home that could be affecting your family's health. For individual's with sensitivities, this can be a serious health issue. We can perform a mold inspection and take air quality samples which will help to identify if there are contaminants in the air. We are a FL licensed mold assessment company.  Give is a call to schedule a mold inspection.

All full inspections include IR thermal imaging 

All of our full inspections include infrared thermography scanning. This is a specialized tool we use called an infrared thermal imaging camera and it can help find water and moisture intrusion by displaying subtle differences in surface temperatures. It can also help detect conditioned air loss, gaps in the insulation and electrical anomalies.  It can not see-through-walls but can help to determine if certain areas have elevated moisture levels which would require further evaluation. 

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Save on your homeowner insurance with a Wind Mitgation Inspection 

A wind mitigation inspection is an insurance inspection that looks for certain features a house may have installed which could potentially reduce your annual insurance premiums. Click on the link for more information on mitigation.  

4-Point Insurance Inspection 

Your insurance company may require you to have a 4-point inspection done. This is an inspection that documents the condition of the roof, electrical system, plumbing, and HVAC system.  It is not a full home inspection, but a limited inspection that only documents those 4 systems as required by the insurance form. 

Moisture Detection Inspection 

We offer a standalone moisture detection inspection service. We will use infrared thermography and other moisture tools

to conduct a thorough interior inspection to look for any areas of elevated moisture. Water intrusion can cause structural

damage to a home and allow dangerous mold growth. 


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Firefighter owned Home inspections west palm beach florida | Caliber Home Inspections

Owned and operated by an 18-Yr veteran

NYC FDNY Firefighter 

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