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How Important Is a Home Inspection? A recent inspection:

A full home inspection was scheduled for a young lady in Lake Worth. She was looking to buy this home for herself and her child and was excited about the home because it was renovated and looked very nice. I took almost 3 hours to complete the inspection and I had the report submitted to her within 24 hours.

After reading the report, my client decided to withdraw her offer for the house using her inspection contingency right. The inspection uncovered a host of issues including moisture behind the walls. Normally unseen, but we use thermal imaging to scan for temperature differentials that can visualize moisture or leakage.

The client was grateful for hiring us and because of our report, she was able to walk away from a disaster and huge financial loss. It is this kind of moment that I work for in helping people have a better understanding of the home they are about to purchase.

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